• Introduction to Power BI Project Files

    Power Bi project files were showcased as an exciting upcoming feature by Microsoft for Power Bi. Developers can finally smile as it allows significantly easier collaboration with other developers and source control within Power Bi. We’ll go through a brief introduction to Power Bi Project files.     How to get a Power Bi Project File At the writing of this blogpost they are currently in preview and can be accessed via the ‘Preview…

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  • Power BI Table Totals Not Adding Up? Here’s Why!

    Power BI Table Totals Not Adding Up? Here's Why!

    Ever built a table containing measures in Power BI, done a quick sanity check on your table totals and noticed they’re incorrect? Let’s explore why this may be. Here we have a simple table, built from data in the AdventureWorks database. It shows the three product categories, the Total Sales and Average Order Total of each category: As you can see, the Total Sales column adds up perfectly, but the average is just plain wrong. 19.42 +…

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  • What is Microsoft Fabric? (Power BI + Synapse + DW + DataLake + ML)

    What Is Microsoft Fabric

    At today’s Build conference, Microsoft announced Fabric. What is this? In simple terms, think of taking Synapse Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, Data Factory, Spark Notebooks and Machine Learning, and bring them all together into Power BI. This is underpinned by Microsoft OneLake, a high performance scalable data lake storage layer, supporting all of the above. OneLake is, as the name implies, one data lake that can be used across…

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  • SQL Server Agent Gantt Chart in Power BI

    In this blog post, I walk-through how to use a Power BI template file I have created that displays a Gantt chart which shows which SQL Server Agent Jobs have run and when. The purpose of the chart is to identify when jobs are overlapping and taking server resource off each other. If two or more resource intensive jobs overlap, it’s a good idea to schedule them at different times if possible. To use the template file, input the server name.…

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  • Community Speaking Analysis with Power BI

    Just a short post. During the SQL Saturday Cambridge speaker meal on Saturday night I was chatting with various people at the dinner table. During this time I got asked the question by an event sponsor “do you speak at many of these things?”. While the general answer I gave at the time was yes. It occurred to me that I didn’t have any accurate means of answering the question with some richer detail. Being a data/business…

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  • Connecting PowerBI.com to Azure Data Lake Store – Across Tenants

    Welcome readers, this is a post to define a problem that shouldn’t exist. But sadly, does exist and given its relative complexity I think warrants some explanation. Plus, I’ve included details of what you can currently do if you encounter it. First some background… Power BI Desktop With the recent update to the Power BI desktop application we now find the Azure Data Lake Store connector has finally relinquished its ‘(Beta)’ status and…

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