• Hoppy News: Well Done, Alex, on Renewing Your MVP Award!

    We are thrilled to congratulate Alex for renewing the prestigious Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award! This recognition, which Alex has now received for an incredible 9 years, is a testament to his unwavering dedication, exceptional expertise, and outstanding contributions to the Data Platform community. The MVP award is not just a title; it’s a mark of excellence bestowed upon professionals who have demonstrated a deep commitment…

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  • Lewis speaks at Data Left Unattended at Redgate HQ

    Lewis speaks at Data Left Unattended at Redgate HQ

    On Thursday, Lewis journeyed to the Redgate Headquarters in Cambridge to deliver a presentation at the “Data Left Unattended” conference. This innovative event featured in-person presentations from speakers while attendees participated virtually. Lewis’s presentation, titled “Fast and Efficient Text Analysis Using Azure’s Language Cognitive Service,” captivated the virtual audience. The session delved into the…

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  • LinkedIn Top Tips at FSB Bootcamp

    Purple Frog Systems had the honor of participating in the FSB Boot Camp, organised by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and hosted by Karen Woolley. The event was a fantastic opportunity for networking, learning, and sharing valuable business insights. Annabel, our Marketing Manager, kicked off the day with an engaging talk on LinkedIn top tips. Her presentation was met with great enthusiasm, sparking numerous insightful questions and…

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  • Purple Frog Hops to CompTIA Spotlight Awards!

    Purple Frog Hops to CompTIA Spotlight Awards!

    The Purple Frog Systems team dressed to impress in their finest black-tie attire as they headed to the prestigious CompTIA Spotlight Awards at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel. The anticipation in the room was palpable as the team eagerly awaited the announcement of the winners. Hollie, HR, and Infosec Director, was a finalist for the Advancing Women in Technology Leadership Award. The competition was intense, with many deserving candidates vying…

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  • Inspiring Future Data Stars at Shrewsbury School Careers Fair

    Purple Frog Systems took a hopping good trip to Shrewsbury School this week, participating in their Careers Fair and leaving a wave of enthusiasm for the data sector! Laura and Joe, two of our resident data whizzes, were on hand to showcase the fascinating world of data analytics to eager students. Through interactive exercises and engaging conversations about careers, the students were captivated by the diverse applications of data and its…

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  • James is a Certified Fabric Analytics Engineer After DP-600!

    Fantastic news! James has officially joined the Club of Fabric Analytics Engineers! Cracking the DP-600 exam on June 24th, James cemented his mastery of building and deploying powerhouse data solutions with Microsoft Fabric. This certification signifies James’s deep dive into the world of data – from wrangling raw information to crafting elegant analytics pipelines, all within the Fabric ecosystem. This achievement is a surefire sign of…

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  • Joe is Microsoft Certified: DP-600!

    Congratulations to Joe on achieving the coveted Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification! Joe passed the DP-600 exam on June 20th, demonstrating his expertise in designing, creating, and deploying enterprise-scale data analytics solutions using Microsoft Fabric. The Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification validates a strong understanding of data analytics, data engineering, platform management, and enterprise development best…

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  • Leapin’ Forward: The FrogPlex Expansion

    Exciting news is ribbiting through Purple Frog Systems as we announce the expansion of our office space which occupies the total of Quantum House—the FrogPlex is growing! With our team rapidly multiplying in both size and enthusiasm, it became clear that we needed to hop into action and make some changes. That’s why we’ve taken the leap and now own the entirety of the Frogplex, allowing us to accommodate our ever-growing team with…

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  • Hollie Unpacks the Power of Apprenticeships for Businesses

    _Hollie Unpacks the Power of Apprenticeships for Businesses

    Today, the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) hosted a dynamic webinar titled “Debunking Apprenticeship Myths and Exploring Benefits for Businesses.” Hollie Whittles, our HR and InfoSec Director, served as the engaging host for the session. The webinar aimed to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country by demystifying apprenticeships. Open to both FSB members and non-members, the session tackled the…

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  • Team Visit to Alton Towers!

    Today, Team Purple Frog hopped on a different kind of ride – a whirlwind trip to Alton Towers! We traded spreadsheets for scream machines and water flumes, all in the name of team bonding. But before you think it was all just thrills and spills (although there were plenty of those!), let’s delve into why work trips like this are so important. In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s easy to get bogged down in emails,…

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