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  • Fabric Trials: The Countdown Is On

    We are drawing near to the end of Microsoft Fabric trials! ⌛ With the countdown ending mid-June for many trial capacities, it is important that you take measures to protect any Microsoft Fabric resources you have. Microsoft have informed users that once the trial ends, the capacity will be converted to a Power BI Premium capacity where Fabric items can no longer be used or stored. From here, you will have a 7 day retention period before all…

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  • Nick and Laura passed DP-600 Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate Exam!

    Nick and laura passed DP-600 Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate Exam!

    Congratulations are in order for Nick Edwards and Laura-Jayne Adamson as they achieve success in passing the DP-600 Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate exam! This prestigious accomplishment showcases their dedication, expertise, and commitment to advancing in the field of data analytics. With their newly acquired certification, Nick and Laura demonstrate their proficiency in leveraging Microsoft Fabric analytics to drive insights and make…

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  • New Microsoft Fabric Features – A SQLBits and FabCon Round Up!

    March was a big month for Microsoft Fabric and its users as there were two major conferences discussing all aspects of Microsoft Fabric, from functionality to security and governance. SQLBits, a community conference, came first with a wealth of knowledge from experts using Microsoft Fabric from a beginner to experienced level. FabCon immediately followed, which was a conference from Microsoft to announce new features and to hear from those…

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  • Deployment Pipelines in Power BI and Fabric

    Deployment Pipelines in Power BI and Fabric were released in public preview way back in May 2020 and then made Generally Available in September 2020. Even with how long they have been out, I rarely see them talked about when they are a very handy tool for Developers to ensure reports and Fabric content are safely moved between workspaces. Plus it provides some helpful tools for collaborating with other developers. Let’s look into how…

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  • Fabric Data Warehouse – ALTER TABLE workaround

    You may be aware that the ALTER TABLE T-SQL command is currently not supported when working with data warehouses in Fabric. This isn’t much of a problem if the table you’re working with is empty, you can simply drop and recreate the table with the new structure. But if you do have data in a table and you want to make a change to the table, how can you do this without the ALTER TABLE command and without losing your data? My solution…

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  • Microsoft Fabric: Should I Use a Data Warehouse or Lakehouse?

    Fabric is the newest data analytics platform from Microsoft. It brings together the entire analytics process onto the Power BI service, meaning that you no longer need to be moving your data around from different services. The introduction of OneLake means that all data that you import whether from Cloud servers, On-Premises servers or more is available in one central location. With Fabric, you need to choose how you will store the data that you…

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