What is Data Analytics?

Also known as Business Intelligence, data analytics is the process of gathering, cleaning, preparing and transorming your organisation’s data, so that it can be easily reported on and distributed across your users.

The first stage of this is gathering and extracting the numerous relevant data sources around your organisation. Usually this would be stored in a Data Lake or landing zone.

Then the data is cleaned, de-duplicated, transformed and turned into a structure more approprate for reporting. This could either be in a Data Lake, a Delta Lake, or a Data Warehouse.

Machine Learning can then be implemented to add ‘Advanced Analytics’, deep-diving into the data, and extracting hidden patterns, meaning, and predictions from your data.

This can then all be presented to users in a self-service visual dashboard using Power BI.

This can all be on-premises, or hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, depending on your needs.

How can Purple Frog help?

There are of course many different technologies that can be used for this, and ientifying the optimal technologies and architecture is a critical task to the success of any project.

Purple Frog will work with you to understand your business needs and goals, and provide advice on what can be done, how it can be done, and how the resulting solution will benefit your organisation.

We can then design and implement the full solution for you, using our in-house team of expert developers and consultants.

Purple Frog can also provide a managed service, looking after the system on a day to day basis, providing 24×7 critical support if required. This eases the workload on your team, amplifying their capability.


For an on-premises solution, the SQL Server suite provides the most powerful, trusted and capable data analytics tools that we have come across. The Purple Frog team have been implementing and supporting SQL Server business intelligence and data analytics solutions for over 20 years.

For cloud solutions, the Microsoft Azure cloud data platform provides a wealth of tools that are unparalleled in their flexibility and capability.

  • Azure Synapse Analytics – A one-stop-shop for data lake, parallel SQL data warehouse, data transformation, machine learning and Power BI reporting
  • Azure Data Lake – Whether the right solution is a data lake or a delta lake, or any other flavour (delta lake house, etc.!), Azure Data Lake provides a scalable storage layer for your semi-structured and unstructured data analytics
  • Azure Synapse SQL Pool – A highly scalable, multi-server, cloud based implementation of Microsoft SQL Server, providing phenominal power to your Data Warehouse
  • Azure Machine Learning – A suite of machine learning and AI tools that can be used to enhance your data to new levels, predicting future behaviour, identifying patterns and problems, etc.
  • Azure Data Factory – Data transformation, orchestration and manipulation tool (i.e. an ETL tool), that pulls your data together into your Data Warehouse or Data Lake
  • Azure Analysis Services –  A cloud SaaS implementation of the trusted SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cube technology, providing a semantic layer over your data, enabling fast, drag and drop reporting over your data lake or data warehouse
  • Power BI – The World’s best and most widely used reporting and dashboarding platform, providing self-service reporting to your users

What next?

Get in touch with the Purple Frog team to set up a free, no-obligation discussion of possibilities, capabilities and opportunities for your organisation’s data analytics journey.


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"Target is a leading provider of software solutions and services to a client base of businesses within the consumer and commercial finance sectors. With over 28 years experience, it has built a reputation for delivering leading edge business solutions, from bespoke software through to outsourcing and consultancy.

One element of Targets solutions is to provide a data warehouse, over our existing systems and other related systems..."

Martyn Rogers, Project Manager, Target Group

"Purple Frog enabled Liberty to rapidly implement a full Business Intelligence suite across our business; from the design of our Data Warehouse and Cubes through to the deployment of reports and KPI dashboards into our Sharepoint portal. Purple Frog remained professional and flexible throughout, understanding our requirements very quickly and surpassing all expectations. I had no hesitation in re-employing Purple Frog for the next phase of the project."

Alex Smith, Head of Management Information, Liberty Syndicates