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  • Integrate Power BI with Microsoft Teams

    Integrate Power BI with Microsoft Teams

    Quick post about a feature you might not be aware of; Power BI can work within Teams! Why integrate Power BI with Microsoft Teams? Integrating Power BI with Microsoft Teams can: Enhance collaboration: Teams can share, reference and discuss insights from Power BI reports, directly within the context of their conversations. Improve accessibility: Reports and dashboards can be easily accessed within Teams, eliminating the need to switch between…

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  • Learning through ‘Unconventional’ Power BI Projects

    Learning through ‘Unconventional’ Power BI Projects

    When we think of Power BI projects we typically think of solving business problems through creating insightful analytical reports and dashboards, Power BI is fantastic for this. However, when trying to expand your knowledge on the functionality of Power BI, I have found it incredibly useful to think outside of the scope of these types of project and explore other ways to use it. In this blog I will show an example of an unconventional Power BI…

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  • Fabric Trials: The Countdown Is On

    We are drawing near to the end of Microsoft Fabric trials! ⌛ With the countdown ending mid-June for many trial capacities, it is important that you take measures to protect any Microsoft Fabric resources you have. Microsoft have informed users that once the trial ends, the capacity will be converted to a Power BI Premium capacity where Fabric items can no longer be used or stored. From here, you will have a 7 day retention period before all…

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  • Quick Guide to Transition Power BI Reports to Power BI Paginated Reports

    A Quick Start Guide to Transitioning Existing Power BI Reports to Power BI Paginated Reports Why move a PBI report to Paginated Reports? The Use Case of Paginated Reports Paginated reports offer powerful features that regular Power BI reports may not fully address. When you encounter requirements like print-ready documents or data grids that overflow across multiple pages, paginated reports are the solution. Here’s why they’re essential:…

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  • Using Stored Procedure as a Power BI Source (with parameters)

    Using a SQL Server stored procedure as a source in Power BI We might be most familiar with using a view as the source to our PBI datasets, a series of views creating a series of tables. This can be great but when handling more complex view queries with lookups, you might find yourself with a severely long refresh and even an error. This is where a stored procedure is required – this gives you more control layer by layer in the source query.…

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  • Deployment Pipelines in Power BI and Fabric

    Deployment Pipelines in Power BI and Fabric were released in public preview way back in May 2020 and then made Generally Available in September 2020. Even with how long they have been out, I rarely see them talked about when they are a very handy tool for Developers to ensure reports and Fabric content are safely moved between workspaces. Plus it provides some helpful tools for collaborating with other developers. Let’s look into how…

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  • Upload files to a LakeHouse in OneLake using Powershell

    In this blog post, I will be sharing a PowerShell script that uploads files to a OneLake Lakehouse. This is the script: The script is downloadable at the bottom of the page as a txt file. To use the script there are few steps: Install the Powershell module Az.Storage. This code exists in the script and just needs to be uncommented for the first run, if the module is not already installed. Fill in the variables at the top of the script: tenantID…

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  • How to manage relationships in Power BI Service!

    Managing Relationships Within Power BI Service. The feature to edit and open the Data Model in Power BI Service has introduced the ability to also manage relationships in this environment. This relatively new feature streamlines the process, saving time compared to making changes in Power BI Desktop and republishing. Getting Started Open your report in Power BI Service and click on “Edit.” Once in editing mode, access the “Open…

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  • Microsoft Fabric enters General Availability!

    Microsoft Fabric enters General Availability!

    After 6 months of public preview, Microsoft Fabric is now in production and generally available! 🎉 The announcement was made today at Microsoft Ignite, in Seattle. A round up of the news can be found at https://news.microsoft.com/ignite-2023-book-of-news/.   Here is a summary of some of the Fabric changes that we are looking forward to: Mirroring in Fabric Announced – expected in Q4 2023 Mirroring is a real-time clone of an Azure…

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  • Introduction to Power BI Project Files

    Power Bi project files were showcased as an exciting upcoming feature by Microsoft for Power Bi. Developers can finally smile as it allows significantly easier collaboration with other developers and source control within Power Bi. We’ll go through a brief introduction to Power Bi Project files.     How to get a Power Bi Project File At the writing of this blogpost they are currently in preview and can be accessed via the ‘Preview…

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