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  • Judging the Shropshire Chamber Business Awards

    Judging the Shropshire Chamber Business Awards

    Hollie, a seasoned professional in the world of business and Purple Frog Systems’ HR/InfoSec Director, embarked on an exciting journey as she took on the role of a judge for the prestigious Shropshire Chamber Business Awards on May 14, 2024. With her keen eye for detail and passion for recognising excellence, she dove into the task of evaluating the shortlisted candidates for the trailblazer category. Accompanied by fellow judges, Andrew…

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  • SQLBits 2024: Learning about people at a technical event

    SQLBits 2024 Learning about people at a technical event

    It has been a hot minute since I attended a SQLBits conference. It’s a techie event! I’m not technical. Project Managers must surely be classed as ‘persona non-grata’. Last year the team went, and I took a holiday. All those people in one place and guess which one of us came back with Covid? Typical. So, this year, trying to reduce my chances of a fourth bout, and with more ‘non-technical’ sessions available at the conference, it…

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  • The Power of Contribution: Why Creating Content Matters in the Data Community

    The Power of Contribution Why Creating Content Matters in the Data Community

    Many people, including me up until a year or so ago, believe that between the documentation, videos, blog posts and experts delivering sessions on specific tech, that there is no room or necessity for them to create content or teach. This is simply not the case! So, in a world seemingly saturated with learning material, why should you bother creating more? Different Perspectives How often have you read a blog post, not really understood it, read…

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  • Why you should start presenting at conferences

    Have you presented a session at a user group or a conference? No? then read on to find out why you need to change that. Many of the readers of this blog will be active members of the SQL Server community, reading/writing blogs themselves, going to conferences or user groups, partitipating in webinars, etc. We’re fortunate in the UK to have the most active SQL Server community in the World. Yes there are physically more user groups and…

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  • SQL Relay 2013

    SQL Relay 2013 is only a month away! If you’ve not signed up yet to SQL Relay 2013 then you’d better get in there quick, as 2 of the 8 events are already full… What is SQL Relay? A series of 8 SQL Server conferences around the UK, held between 17th June and 27th June. They are FREE to attend (thanks to the generous sponsors!), and each contains a full day of technical talks covering different aspects of SQL Server. Who’s…

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  • SQL Relay Agenda Announced

    SQL Relay: Free, Full Day SQL Server Events If you’ve not heard the news yet, then where have you been hiding?! With SQLBits X such a phenomenal success, but already a distant memory, we’re all looking for the next SQL Server community event to learn, network and enjoy. The 2012 SQL Relay, following on from the great inaugural events last year, have now been announced and registration is open. Where are they? Monday 21st May –…

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