This week, Purple Frog Systems’ Lewis and Jon went to Shrewsbury School for a Careers Day!

A careers day helps bring together students, teachers, and professionals from various industries to inspire and guide young minds toward their future career paths. Shrewsbury School’s Career Day was an opportunity to showcase the diverse range of possibilities that awaited these students beyond the walls of their classrooms.


It was an investment in the future workforce, as well as an opportunity to foster relationships and ignite passion in the budding talent. Attending gave us, at Purple Frog, the chance to engage with the next generation, and potentially provide a guiding hand towards their aspirations👨‍🏫

We made sure to share valuable insights into different industries within technology, from machine learning to analytics to digital marketing too, sharing our own career journeys and providing a glimpse into the dynamic world of work. The students were totally engaged, and it was great to see them actively participate in conversations and demonstrations with our team and discuss career choices at Purple Frog, such as apprenticeships, T-levels, and work experience📓

We hope as the day came to an end that the students left with a renewed enthusiasm for their future. It was amazing to see a spark of ambition ignite in the next generation of professionals.

We would totally recommend to other businesses to invest time and resources in events like Career Days to help inspire the next generation.