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  • Azure Virual Machine CPU Cores Quota

    Did you know that by default your Azure subscription has a limit on the number of CPU cores you can consume for virtual machines? Until recently I didn’t. Maybe like you I’d only ever created one of two small virtual machines (VMs) within my MSDN subscription for testing and always ended up deleting them before coming close to the limit. Per Azure subscription the default quota for virtual machine CPU cores is 20. To clarify because…

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  • Using Hyper-V and PowerShell to Create the Perfect Developer Workstation

    So the second challenge I faced after unboxing and plugging in my new workstation at Purple Frog Systems was software. Having customers using all versions of SQL Server from 2005 onwards I didn’t want to tie myself to a particular version locally and I also didn’t want the hassle of running lots of different SQL Server services all on the same host operating system. Especially if I wanted to use Windows 10 as my host, which as we…

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