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  • Creating calendar tables with DAX using Power BI

    By Nick Edwards In this blog post we’ll take a quick look at creating a self-generating calendar table using DAX. Dates are important if we want to perform time intelligence reporting on our data i.e. yearly sales, monthly sales, weekly sales, year to date sales or previous year sales. We’ll be using the calendar function to create our date table, but there are other methods to do this such as CALENDARAUTO or GENERATESERIES. Here is the…

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  • MDX Calculated Member Spanning Multiple Date Dimensions

    It’s common in most cubes to have a number of different date dimensions, whether role playing, distinct, or a combination of both. Say for example, Entry Date, Posting Date and Accounting Period. There may also be numerous hierarchies in each date dimension, such as calendar and fiscal calendar, leading to a relatively complicated array of dates to worry about when calculating semi-additive measures. If we create a date related calculation…

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