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  • Writing a U-SQL Merge Statement

    Unlike T-SQL, U-SQL does not currently support MERGE statements. Our friend that we have come to know and love since its introduction in SQL Server 2008. Not only that, but U-SQL also doesn’t currently support UPDATE statements either… I know… Open mouth emoji required! This immediately leads to the problem of change detection in our data and how, for example, we should handle the ingestion of a daily rolling 28-day TSV extract,…

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  • Azure Stream Analytics Windowing Queries

    Warning, this is going to be a dry post. Beer or water required before you continue reading. For those that don’t already know Azure Stream Analytics is Microsoft’s cloud based service for the handling and manipulation of data feeds, predominantly in real-time. However the service has many applications with the ability to ingest a wide variety of data sources.  One such use case for the analysis of data using the service comes…

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  • SQL Battleships

    When Battleships Met SQL Server, like Bailys meeting Coffee, but better. Do you have an equal love of the classic two player board game Battleship and also SQL Server database development? If the answer is yes (which it obviously should be) then this is the blog post for you! The next question that I’m more than happy to answer for you is; how can I combine these 2x loves?… Well my friend, please continue reading to find out. So, let’s…

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