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  • Query Store Forced Plan Failures

    Query Store is a fantastic feature of both SQL Server and Azure SQL DB. It allows you to monitor how queries execute against the database which is invaluable for troubleshooting performance issues. More than that though, it gives you the option to force an erratic query to use a particular execution plan, this helps avoid queries from running with inefficient plans and provides predictability and stability on the server. Here we can see an…

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  • The SQL Query Alias Conundrum – Order of Execution

    So, you have just written a query, hit execute and you have encountered an error: Invalid column name ‘[column name]‘. The column you’ve used in your WHERE clause cannot be identified by its alias. You’ve defined it at the top of the query and used it fine previously as your ORDER BY condition, so why can’t the engine recognise it? If you’ve ever written a SQL query, this should look familiar: SELECT DISTINCT FROM JOIN ON…

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  • Extract Datasource and Query from Excel Pivot

    Have you ever tried to reverse engineer an Excel pivot table? It’s not as easy as you would think! Whether you just want to find out the datasource details, or identify the query that was used, there is just no simple way of getting Excel to tell you. The macro below will loop through every sheet in a workbook, and will document the datasources, SQL or MDX queries as well as the page, row, column and data fields. To use it, add it into…

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