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  • How do I make a multi-line string in Python (so I can ctrl+C my SQL code)

    This should be a quick one, but it is something that took me a little while to work out, but now I know I use it pretty much every day in my projects to save me a lot of time. This is the ability to copy and paste my SQL code into my python code as a multi-line string without having to reduce it to be all on one line or using escape characters. Both of which can take a bit of time depending on how big your SQL is. You usually need to have SQL…

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  • Power BI Databricks Spark connection error

    When querying data from Azure Databricks (spark) into Power BI you may encounter an error: “ODBC:ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][Hardy] (100) The host and port specified for the connection do not seem to belong to a Spark server. Please check your configuration.“ This is usually caused by trying to connect to a ‘Standard’ Databricks instance, but Power BI (and ODBC in general) can only connect to Databricks using a…

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