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  • MDX Calculated Member Spanning Multiple Date Dimensions

    It’s common in most cubes to have a number of different date dimensions, whether role playing, distinct, or a combination of both. Say for example, Entry Date, Posting Date and Accounting Period. There may also be numerous hierarchies in each date dimension, such as calendar and fiscal calendar, leading to a relatively complicated array of dates to worry about when calculating semi-additive measures. If we create a date related calculation…

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  • Semi Additive Measures using SQL Server Standard

    One of the most frustrating limitations of SQL Server 2005 Standard edition is that it doesn’t support semi additive measures in SSAS Analysis Services cubes. This post explains a work around that provides similar functionality without having to shell out for the Enterprise Edition. What Are Semi Additive Measures? Semi Additive measures are values that you can summarise across any related dimension except time. For example, Sales and…

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