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  • Report Parameter Selection Memory

    This post explains a method of enhancing Reporting Services reports to make them more user friendly. I have been quizzed many times by end users who want reports to remember the parameter selections so that next time they run the report they haven’t got to re-select the same parameters. This is especially useful if there are a lot of long parameter lists, and each user tends to run the same selection frequently. This process is made…

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  • Convert MDX fields to SQL

    A number of our customers have reporting systems that use both MDX and SQL, retrieving data from both OLAP and SQL Server databases. This generates the problem of converting an MDX field ([Dimension].[Hierarchy].&[Attribute]) into SQL Server field value (Attribute). The following code is a Reporting Services custom code section that will rip off the MDX and leave you with the value.     Public Function MDXParamToSQL(Parameter As String,…

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