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  • Part 2 : Natural Language Processing- Key Word Analysis

    Here we are with part 2 of this blog series on web scraping and natural language processing (NLP). In the first part I discussed what web scraping was, why it’s done and how it can be done. In this part I will give you details on what NLP is at a high level, and then go into detail of an application of NLP called key word analysis (KWA). What is NLP? NLP is a form of artificial intelligence which deals with the interactions between humans…

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  • Part 1: Web Scraping and Natural Language Processing- Web Scraping

    In this multi blog series I will go through what web scraping is, what Natural Language processing is as a general term as well as diving into some constituent techniques we are interested in; key word extraction, sentiment analysis and its derivative opinion mining. The last few parts will then go through a coded example of scraping the popular review site Trust pilot for reviews of the popular supermarket chain ‘Lidl’. We will then…

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