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  • Automate changing SSIS connection at runtime

    Recently a customer came to us with an issue: “We have a primary/secondary AlwaysOn failover cluster, we want the data warehouse ETL to always pull from the secondary read-only replica. When the primary fails over, how can we detect this and repoint the ETL to the new secondary?” This led us to the following qualification steps:1. Is the secondary server accessible? a. Yes – Use it. b. No – Try the primary server.2. Is…

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  • System OutOfMemoryException when deploying SSIS .ispac

    If you’ve tried deploying a .ispac using the Integration Services Deployment Wizard, you may have come across the following error: By default SQL Server uses the 32-bit version of the Deployment Wizard, which is why you’ll be getting the Out of Memory error. If you instead launch the Wizard from the 64-bit location, (default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\DTS\Binn\ISDeploymentWizard.exe), then you should be able to…

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