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  • Calculating Run Rate in DAX for PowerPivot

    In my previous post I explained how to create a calculated MDX member that projects full year data (sales etc.) based on existing year to date data. In this post I’ll be doing exactly the same but in DAX, the new expression language used to enhance PowerPivot data. As it’s the same desired outcome, I’m not going to repeat the background, you’ll have to look at my previous post for that. The expressions below assume that…

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  • Calculate Run Rate (Full Year Projection) in MDX

    This post explains how to create an MDX calculated member that will take a value from the cube and project it forward to the end of the year. This provides a simple mechanism for calculating what your expected total will be at year end, based upon current performance. To do this more accurately you should use time series data mining models in SSAS and use DMX expressions to query the results, but this method is very simple and requires little…

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