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  • James is a Certified Fabric Analytics Engineer After DP-600!

    Fantastic news! James has officially joined the Club of Fabric Analytics Engineers! Cracking the DP-600 exam on June 24th, James cemented his mastery of building and deploying powerhouse data solutions with Microsoft Fabric. This certification signifies James’s deep dive into the world of data – from wrangling raw information to crafting elegant analytics pipelines, all within the Fabric ecosystem. This achievement is a surefire sign of…

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  • Joe is Microsoft Certified: DP-600!

    Congratulations to Joe on achieving the coveted Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification! Joe passed the DP-600 exam on June 20th, demonstrating his expertise in designing, creating, and deploying enterprise-scale data analytics solutions using Microsoft Fabric. The Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification validates a strong understanding of data analytics, data engineering, platform management, and enterprise development best…

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  • Nick and Laura passed DP-600 Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate Exam!

    Nick and laura passed DP-600 Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate Exam!

    Congratulations are in order for Nick Edwards and Laura-Jayne Adamson as they achieve success in passing the DP-600 Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate exam! This prestigious accomplishment showcases their dedication, expertise, and commitment to advancing in the field of data analytics. With their newly acquired certification, Nick and Laura demonstrate their proficiency in leveraging Microsoft Fabric analytics to drive insights and make…

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  • My experience in obtaining an MCSE

    Background I have recently completed my MCSE in Data Management and Analytics, and I wanted to share my experience of working towards and passing the exams that have led to me getting this MCSE. In this post I will cover some of the challenges I faced and provide some tips and advice, hopefully others following the same certification path, or other paths, will find this useful. I am a business intelligence developer at Purple Frog, I have…

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