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  • Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Shrewsbury Futures Conference

    Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: Shrewsbury Futures Conference

    Hollie eagerly embraced the opportunity to speak at the Shrewsbury Futures third ‘Enterprising Futures’ Conference, a platform designed to empower the next generation of leaders. As an expert speaker, she felt a deep sense of responsibility and excitement as she prepared to share her insights on #SkillsForLife. The atmosphere at the conference was electric, with over 180 students from Shrewsbury School, William Brookes School, The…

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  • Hollie and Laura Inspire Students at Telford College

    Hollie and Laura Inspire Students at Telford College

    Last week, Purple Frog Systems – Hollie and Laura – shared their insights on career pathways and essential skills in today’s ever-changing job market. The sessions were not only informative but also deeply inspiring, leaving a lasting impression on all college students who attended. Hollie and Laura kicked off the event with an exploration of careers in their industry, emphasising the importance of adaptable skills applicable…

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  • Inside Purple Frog: Work Experience Insights

    Inside Purple Frog Work Experience Insights

    At Purple Frog Systems recently had the pleasure of hosting Ben for a period of work experience, and it was an enriching experience for all involved. Ben’s eagerness to learn and his positive attitude made his time with us truly enjoyable. Upon reflection, Ben shared, “Today, I have learned what you do at Purple Frog and explored concepts like Power BI, Python, and Microsoft Fabric. Then, I put Python into practice by conducting some…

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