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  • Deploy Azure AutoML Model And Consume In Excel

    It has come back to my turn to write a blog post, and if you remember my previous one concerned why you should use Azure based AutoMl and subsequently how to do so. If you followed that then you will be left with a model of which you’ve scored and know the performance of, but no way of how to then deploy and use your model. I will outline the steps needed to do this (which involves a major shortcut as we are using an AutoMl model), and…

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  • Cube deployment error: Cannot resolve all paths while de-serializing Database

    I recently came across the following error while deploying a tabular cube using the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard: My updates for this deployment included removing a table from the cube. As part of the cube deployment options I chose to “Retain roles and members”. However the issue here was that an existing role was referencing the table I had deleted, for example the below image shows the Role Manager in Visual Studio and…

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  • System OutOfMemoryException when deploying SSIS .ispac

    If you’ve tried deploying a .ispac using the Integration Services Deployment Wizard, you may have come across the following error: By default SQL Server uses the 32-bit version of the Deployment Wizard, which is why you’ll be getting the Out of Memory error. If you instead launch the Wizard from the 64-bit location, (default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\DTS\Binn\ISDeploymentWizard.exe), then you should be able to…

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