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  • Synapse Data Flow bug

    I recently came across some unexpected output in a dedicated SQL Pool in Azure Synapse Analytics, upon investigation I realised this is as a result of an issue in Data Flows. This blog shows the issue using dummy data and a temporary workaround. At the time of writing (01/03/2024), this is still an issue and has been raised with Microsoft. I will provide a further update once Microsoft have resolved the issue or provided a suitable fix. Below is…

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  • ADF Data flow string split

    This is a quick blog showing how to do a string split to get particular items in ADF data flows. Consider the following data where names and colours are combined into the FullName and Colours columns respectively. Note the delimiter for FullName is a space and the delimiter for Colours is a comma. To get each individual item and create new columns for this data use the split function in a Derived column transformation. The syntax for this…

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