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  • Microsoft Fabric: Should I Use a Data Warehouse or Lakehouse?

    Fabric is the newest data analytics platform from Microsoft. It brings together the entire analytics process onto the Power BI service, meaning that you no longer need to be moving your data around from different services. The introduction of OneLake means that all data that you import whether from Cloud servers, On-Premises servers or more is available in one central location. With Fabric, you need to choose how you will store the data that you…

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  • How do I make a multi-line string in Python (so I can ctrl+C my SQL code)

    This should be a quick one, but it is something that took me a little while to work out, but now I know I use it pretty much every day in my projects to save me a lot of time. This is the ability to copy and paste my SQL code into my python code as a multi-line string without having to reduce it to be all on one line or using escape characters. Both of which can take a bit of time depending on how big your SQL is. You usually need to have SQL…

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