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  • Excel, CSV and Leading Zeros

    Yes, even at Purple Frog Systems we use Excel! Excel is great for that quick and dirty analysis, but there is nothing worse than opening a CSV file directly with Excel and finding out you’ve lost all of your leading zeros. Take a look at my Sales.csv file Viewed as a CSV in Notepad++ it looks as it should… However viewed directly using Excel… It now looks like I’ve got a sales quantity of 62 for product id 5! To solve…

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  • SSAS Tabular String Imported as Integer

    Let me start by saying that I think the SSAS Tabular model is great. But…. there are a number of problems that Microsoft still need to get ironed out. Not least of which is being able to import data properly directly from CSV/Text files. Yes you can import directly from csv, but you are given absolutely no control over the process, and this can lead to some serious problems. One of these issues is the rather odd automated data type…

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  • Excel doesn’t open CSV files correctly from sp_send_dbmail

    A nice little nugget today for anyone who uses SQL dbmail to send data in csv attachments. Sometimes, depending on your language settings, CSV files don’t open correctly in Excel. Excel ignores the ‘,’ and puts all data in column A. You then have to go through the hassle of closing the file and opening it throug the flat file wizard.   There’s a very nice solution to this that I found in this thread. It’s to…

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