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  • Automate changing SSIS connection at runtime

    Recently a customer came to us with an issue: “We have a primary/secondary AlwaysOn failover cluster, we want the data warehouse ETL to always pull from the secondary read-only replica. When the primary fails over, how can we detect this and repoint the ETL to the new secondary?” This led us to the following qualification steps:1. Is the secondary server accessible? a. Yes – Use it. b. No – Try the primary server.2. Is…

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  • ADF: Where have my connections gone?

    If you’ve been doing any development work in ADF this week you might have noticed that “Connections” has moved. But where has it gone? When you click onto “Connections” now you’ll receive the following message: Clicking this button takes you to the new Management Hub, the new fourth icon which goes alongside the existing three. Within this area you now have access to your Linked Services, Integration Runtimes…

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