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  • James is a Certified Fabric Analytics Engineer After DP-600!

    Fantastic news! James has officially joined the Club of Fabric Analytics Engineers! Cracking the DP-600 exam on June 24th, James cemented his mastery of building and deploying powerhouse data solutions with Microsoft Fabric. This certification signifies James’s deep dive into the world of data – from wrangling raw information to crafting elegant analytics pipelines, all within the Fabric ecosystem. This achievement is a surefire sign of…

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  • Joe is Microsoft Certified: DP-600!

    Congratulations to Joe on achieving the coveted Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification! Joe passed the DP-600 exam on June 20th, demonstrating his expertise in designing, creating, and deploying enterprise-scale data analytics solutions using Microsoft Fabric. The Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification validates a strong understanding of data analytics, data engineering, platform management, and enterprise development best…

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