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  • BCS talk on Business Intelligence – Slides

    Thank you to the BCS Shropshire branch for opening your doors to the Purple Frog team. We’re delighted to be given any chance to talk about Business Intelligence, and spread the word to increase awareness of what it is and how it all works. We find it a fascinating world to work in, and hope that there were some converts in the audience! For those that asked, here’s a copy of the slides for you to download. As the presentation was…

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  • BCS talk on Business Intelligence

    On Monday 20th September, Alex & Hollie from Purple Frog Systems will be giving a talk on business intelligence to the Shropshire branch of the British Computer Society. The event is free to attend, even for non BCS members, and will be held from 6.15pm at the Telford campus of Wolverhampton Uni. We’ll be providing an introduction to BI, explaining what it is, how it works and how it can benefit your organisation. We’ll present…

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