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  • Business Intelligence in Azure – SQLBits 2018 Precon

    What can you expect from my SQLBits pre conference training day in February 2018 at the London Olympia? Well my friends, in short, we are going to take whirlwind tour of the entire business intelligence stack of services in Azure. No stone will be left unturned. No service will be left without scalability. We’ll cover them all and we certainly aren’t going to check with the Azure bill payer before turning up the compute on our data…

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  • RDP to Azure Batch Service Compute Nodes

    Did you know it’s now possible to RDP to your Azure Batch Service compute nodes? I’ve used the batch service to handle the compute for my Azure Data Factory custom activities for a while now. Which I’ve basically been doing blindly because the code execution and logging is provided to ADF, with no visibility to the underlying pool of VM’s doing the work. Well, no more is this the case! In the Azure portal go to your Batch…

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  • Creating Azure Data Factory Custom Activities

    When creating an Azure Data Factory (ADF) solution you’ll quickly find that currently it’s connectors are pretty limited to just other Azure services and the T within ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is completely missing altogether. In these situations where other functionality is required we need to rely on the extensibility of Custom Activities. A Custom Activity allows the use of .Net programming within your ADF pipeline.…

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