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Management information

Management Information

How can I provide more information for my employees?

PaperHaving information is critical to the successful management of any company. However, just having information is no good if your employees do not have ready access to it.

You may also find yourself wanting more information than you currently have access to.

Do you have a way of creating new reports from your existing systems?


Web Based Reporting


Purple Frog can create new reports against your existing applications. These are delivered through a web browser with no additional client software. This means that they are available across your network, integrated into your intranet, extranet or even internet site.

These same reports can also be scheduled to be emailed automatically to any of your employees in either Excel format or a PDF file.



Why limit yourself to using the same static, canned reports that get churned out week after week? Is there a better way? Of course there is!

With any number of interactive dashboard tools we can set you up with the ability to really dig into the detail of what's going on in your organisation. Starting with a high level summary view of the information, dashboards allow you to identify something of interest and find more detail by a simple click. Instantly you can drill through into your own customised view of the data.

We can create you any number of customised dashboards, or we can set up the infrastructure for you to be able to create your own.

Reports and dashboards can retrieve data from your existing IT systems, a data warehouse, OLAP cube or any combination of these.

These reports are highly graphical and interactive, with charts, summarised data, expandable detail sections and drill throughs, which allow a user to click on a figure (or a chart) and view a report of data that makes up that figure. Each report can be filtered by any number of criteria in real time.


Have a look at some of the different reporting and dashboard tools available here.