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Azure Data Lake – The Services. The U-SQL. The C# (Reference Guide)

This post is a reference guide to support an event talk or webinar. The content is intended to assist the audience only. Thank you.


How do we implement Azure Data Lake? How does a lake fit into our data platform architecture? Is Data Lake going to run in isolation or be part of a larger pipeline? How do we use and work with USQL? Does size matter?! The answers to all these questions and more in this session as we immerse ourselves in the lake, that’s in a cloud. We’ll take an end to end look at the components and understand why the compute and storage are separate services. For the developers, what tools should we be using and where should we deploy our USQL scripts. Also, what options are available for handling our C# code behind and supporting assemblies. We’ll cover everything you need to know to get started developing data solutions with Azure Data Lake. Finally, let’s extend the U-SQL capabilities with the Microsoft Cognitive Services!


What is Azure Data Lake? The Microsoft version.

Understanding the ADL Analytics Unit

Why use Azure Data Lake? The Microsoft version.

Comsuming Data Lake with Power – Cross tenant data refreshes.

U-SQL String Data Type 128KB Limit

Creating a U-SQL Merge Statement

U-SQL Looping

U-SQL Date Dimension

Further Reading

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Cognitive services with U-SQL in Azure Data Lake

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