Community Speaking Analysis with Power BI

Just a short post.

During the SQL Saturday Cambridge speaker meal on Saturday night I was chatting with various people at the dinner table. During this time I got asked the question by an event sponsor “do you speak at many of these things?”. While the general answer I gave at the time was yes. It occurred to me that I didn’t have any accurate means of answering the question with some richer detail. Being a data/business intelligence person this required some serious self reprimanding. I could of referred to my MVP activity log, but that isn’t easily accessible and contains a list of all community involvement. I therefore decided to create a dataset just for speaking within Excel and visualise it with Power BI. Below is what I created.

Nothing to fancy here, just a simple dataset containing 6 fields:

  • Date
  • Event
  • City
  • Postcode (for the map)
  • Attended
  • Subject

What do you think? Click on it to enlarge.

Generally I spend my time architecting data solutions and developing the services to deliver business intelligence to customers. I confess, I don’t spend much time visualising that data and making things look pretty in tools like Power BI, so go easy with the comments.

I of course then published this to meaning when I get asked the question next time I can simply load the Power BI app on my phone and answer most questions. Being a good developer (I think) I also created a mobile friendly view of the visuals.

If you’d like access to the published version of the dashboard please use this link to request access:

Many thanks for reading

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