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MSc Dissertation – Performance analysis of loading SCDs in SSIS

Following the successful completion of my MSc in Business Intelligence, here is a link to my dissertation which may be of interest to some.
Read more about the project in the blog post here.

Automated SSAS Cube Documentation in SSRS

The following zip file contains the SQL script and SSRS .rdl files for use with SQL Server 2008 R2 in conjunction with the OLAP cube documentation blog post here.

Loan Amortisation in SQL Server (PMT, FV, IPMT, PPMT)

There are a number of functions available to Excel users that calculate loan repayments, interest, future loan value etc. Unfortunately these are not available in SQL Server.
To overcome this, the Purple Frog team have written a .Net CLR library which add four loan amortisation functions to SQL Server, which can be called from within a query as scalar functions.
For more details of the functions, please look at the loan amortisation blog post here.
You can download the files below:
We hope these are of some use