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FlaktWoods Data Warehouse Case Study


FläktWoods develops, manufactures, markets and distributes air climate solutions for buildings and air movement equipment. They're a multi-national company with a large number of decentralised IT systems across the globe.

Purple Frog designed and implemented a centralised SQL Server 2012 data warehouse, ETL and OLAP cube solution that provides:


  • A single consolidated and reliable version of financial activity from all global departments
  • Flexible reporting through web based reports, Excel and QlikView, with guaranteed consistency between all reporting channels
  • Web based Excel uploading and validation system to ensure accuracy of source data
  • Flexible and retrospective mapping and de-duplication of product codes, customers and employee codes
  • Automated protection from loading duplicate data
  • Creation of historical tracking data to provide enhanced reporting history


Download the FlaktWoods Data Warehouse case study