• Changing the Start Up App on Windows 10 IoT Core

    Changing the start up application on your IoT device running Windows IoT Core seems to be a common requirement once the device is out in the field so I hope this post exploring a few different ways of doing this will be of value to people. To clarify the behaviour we will achieve below is from device power on our Windows 10 IoT Core operating system will boot up. But instead of starting the default application which is originally named…

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  • Windows IoT UWP Tasks Tickers and Threading

    Upon entering the IoT revolution a few things immediately became apparent; We now had the ability to collect and handle more sensor data than we’d ever before possibly conceived. These sensors and there data will/are going to change the very way we live… Not convinced by this one? Talk to anybody that has a Fitbit attached to their wrist about how many steps they do each day! More relevant to this article. The procedural tools we…

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