• How do I make a multi-line string in Python (so I can ctrl+C my SQL code)

    This should be a quick one, but it is something that took me a little while to work out, but now I know I use it pretty much every day in my projects to save me a lot of time. This is the ability to copy and paste my SQL code into my python code as a multi-line string without having to reduce it to be all on one line or using escape characters. Both of which can take a bit of time depending on how big your SQL is. You usually need to have SQL…

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  • My Jupyter Notebook Crashed and Now Won’t Open

    This is a problem that has plagued me a few times and is usually due to outputting too much in a single cell. The Notebook will run out of memory and crash, but it will contain the output that caused the notebook to crash. The notebook will crash every time you open it, for some browsers you may even see an ‘out of memory’ error message. The solution to this problem is to delete the vast amount of output, without opening the…

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