• Exporting to a CSV file from SSMS – Simple BCP Method

    Export table contents to a CSV file from SQL Server  It may be useful to export a tables contents to a CSV file for some exploratory analysis, to feed an ETL and much more. This can be done with some simple SQL commands that exist as a stored procedure, SQL agent job or just a one off piece of code. The export can be the whole table or filtered results but one thing to keep in mind is the number of rows and result size as it may become…

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  • Excel, CSV and Leading Zeros

    Yes, even at Purple Frog Systems we use Excel! Excel is great for that quick and dirty analysis, but there is nothing worse than opening a CSV file directly with Excel and finding out you’ve lost all of your leading zeros. Take a look at my Sales.csv file Viewed as a CSV in Notepad++ it looks as it should… However viewed directly using Excel… It now looks like I’ve got a sales quantity of 62 for product id 5! To solve…

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