• How to export more than 30,000 rows of data from Power BI Desktop.

    Have you ever wanted to export a table from Power BI Desktop into Excel just to make sure the DAX you’ve written is performing as expected but ran into this error message: “Data exceeds the limit – Your data is too large. Some data sampling may occur”? Most probably this has occurred because you’ve got more than 30,000 rows of data in your table that you’re trying to export. In the example shown below I’ve actually got 30,001 rows…

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  • My DAX Training Evaluation

    Being fairly new to DAX and having recently completed some DAX training I thought it would be good to briefly share my experiences of the courses I have completed. The two courses I have recently done are: Stairway to DAX and Power BI by Bill Pearson (https://www.sqlservercentral.com/stairways/stairway-to-dax-and-power-bi) Mastering DAX by Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari (https://www.sqlbi.com/p/mastering-dax-video-course/) Stairway to DAX is…

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