• Quick Guide to Transition Power BI Reports to Power BI Paginated Reports

    A Quick Start Guide to Transitioning Existing Power BI Reports to Power BI Paginated Reports Why move a PBI report to Paginated Reports? The Use Case of Paginated Reports Paginated reports offer powerful features that regular Power BI reports may not fully address. When you encounter requirements like print-ready documents or data grids that overflow across multiple pages, paginated reports are the solution. Here’s why they’re essential:…

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  • Microsoft Fabric Mirroring: Quick Start Guide

    Mirroring provides a modern approach to accessing and ingesting data continuously and seamlessly from any database or data warehouse into the Data Warehousing experience within Microsoft Fabric. Here are the key points about Mirroring: Near Real-Time Data Access: Mirroring allows users to access changes in the source data almost instantly. It ensures that the data in Fabric’s OneLake remains up-to-date without complex setup or manual…

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  • New Microsoft Fabric Features – A SQLBits and FabCon Round Up!

    March was a big month for Microsoft Fabric and its users as there were two major conferences discussing all aspects of Microsoft Fabric, from functionality to security and governance. SQLBits, a community conference, came first with a wealth of knowledge from experts using Microsoft Fabric from a beginner to experienced level. FabCon immediately followed, which was a conference from Microsoft to announce new features and to hear from those…

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  • Behind the Scenes: My Perspective as a Speaker at SQLBits

    Behind the Scenes My Perspective as a Speaker at SQLBits

    SQLBits, the renowned conference for data professionals, brought together a diverse range of speakers this year, including four from Purple Frog Systems: myself, Lewis, Hollie, and Alex. Each of us tackled a variety of sessions, contributing our unique perspectives to the event. I spoke on two topics, both in the non-technical category about blogging and why it’s important to be creative in technical roles. First-time speaker nerves……

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  • Using Stored Procedure as a Power BI Source (with parameters)

    Using a SQL Server stored procedure as a source in Power BI We might be most familiar with using a view as the source to our PBI datasets, a series of views creating a series of tables. This can be great but when handling more complex view queries with lookups, you might find yourself with a severely long refresh and even an error. This is where a stored procedure is required – this gives you more control layer by layer in the source query.…

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  • Deployment Pipelines in Power BI and Fabric

    Deployment Pipelines in Power BI and Fabric were released in public preview way back in May 2020 and then made Generally Available in September 2020. Even with how long they have been out, I rarely see them talked about when they are a very handy tool for Developers to ensure reports and Fabric content are safely moved between workspaces. Plus it provides some helpful tools for collaborating with other developers. Let’s look into how…

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  • TRY_CAST Arithmetic Overflow Error

    TRY_CAST() Arithmetic Overflow Error – How? It is expected that at some point you will receive some bad data – such as the wrong range, form or data type. Sometimes you receive valid data but the result of a calculation is when it goes wrong, a simple multiplication takes your data from good to bad, the difference between your cube processing and not processing, the difference between your clients receiving vital data and not receiving…

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  • Synapse Data Flow bug

    I recently came across some unexpected output in a dedicated SQL Pool in Azure Synapse Analytics, upon investigation I realised this is as a result of an issue in Data Flows. This blog shows the issue using dummy data and a temporary workaround. At the time of writing (01/03/2024), this is still an issue and has been raised with Microsoft. I will provide a further update once Microsoft have resolved the issue or provided a suitable fix. Below is…

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  • The Power of Contribution: Why Creating Content Matters in the Data Community

    The Power of Contribution Why Creating Content Matters in the Data Community

    Many people, including me up until a year or so ago, believe that between the documentation, videos, blog posts and experts delivering sessions on specific tech, that there is no room or necessity for them to create content or teach. This is simply not the case! So, in a world seemingly saturated with learning material, why should you bother creating more? Different Perspectives How often have you read a blog post, not really understood it, read…

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  • The role of Apprenticeships for businesses to aid digital transformation

    The role of Apprenticeships for businesses to aid digital transformation

    The AI era has ushered in the need for digital transformation. Organisations need to adapt their approach and upskill their workforce in order to thrive. For businesses, leveraging apprenticeships is not just a strategic move; it is a great solution to help unlock the potential of digital skills and securing a competitive edge. The West Midlands has a rich background in industrial revolution and is now at the forefront of the digital revolution…

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