Case Studies

Principality Building Society Data Warehouse Case Study

Principality Building Society are one of the top 10 building societies in the UK. In order to increase their competitive edge, they’ve taken the proactive decision to invest in their future by implementing a group-wide data warehouse platform, providing the group with:

  • A single version of the truth
  • Fast, accurate information
  • Cash flow, static pool analysis and liquidity projections at a level of detail and accuracy never before available
  • Instant preview of all regulatory returns, weeks before they need to be submitted
  • Reduced reliance and load on the mainframe for reporting purposes
  • Fully transparent and auditable data management and calculation process

Download the Principality Building Society Data Warehouse case study


FlaktWoods Data Warehouse Case Study

FläktWoods develops, manufactures, markets and distributes air climate solutions for buildings and air movement equipment. They’re a multi-national company with a large number of decentralised IT systems across the globe.

Purple Frog designed and implemented a centralised SQL Server 2012 data warehouse, ETL and OLAP cube solution that provides:

  • A single consolidated and reliable version of financial activity from all global departments
  • Flexible reporting through web based reports, Excel and QlikView, with guaranteed consistency between all reporting channels
  • Web based Excel uploading and validation system to ensure accuracy of source data
  • Flexible and retrospective mapping and de-duplication of product codes, customers and employee codes
  • Automated protection from loading duplicate data
  • Creation of historical tracking data to provide enhanced reporting history

Download the FlaktWoods Data Warehouse case study