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BCS talk on Business Intelligence

On Monday 20th September, Alex & Hollie from Purple Frog Systems will be giving a talk on business intelligence to the Shropshire branch of the British Computer Society.

The event is free to attend, even for non BCS members, and will be held from 6.15pm at the Telford campus of Wolverhampton Uni.

We’ll be providing an introduction to BI, explaining what it is, how it works and how it can benefit your organisation.

We’ll present a fully working demonstration of how to turn a simple list of customers/members into a highly interactive information system, using the latest in spatial mapping techniques and OLAP cubes.

Register for free at the BCS events website

2 Responses to BCS talk on Business Intelligence

  • Hi Alex!
    How are you!
    Nice to read this post! Could you share your presentation fir guys like me that are outside uk?
    I’m curious to see your evolution in BI! I imagine you as a GURU now, dont you? 🙂

  • Hi Pedro how’s tricks?
    All’s good here thanks, just a little manic as always

    The presentation is going to be more of an interactive demo rather than a slide fest, so I don’t think I’ll have much to share I’m afraid other than an intro and ending slide. I’m planning on turning the spatial data parts of it into a blog post, including mapping in SSRS 2008 R2, but that depends on finding some time to do it…!

    Guru? Moi? *blush* You’re the MVP! (congratulations by the way).

    Are you going to SQLBits this year?

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