Purple Frog Systems took a hopping good trip to Shrewsbury School this week, participating in their Careers Fair and leaving a wave of enthusiasm for the data sector! Laura and Joe, two of our resident data whizzes, were on hand to showcase the fascinating world of data analytics to eager students.

Through interactive exercises and engaging conversations about careers, the students were captivated by the diverse applications of data and its ever-growing importance across industries.

Joe and Laura Purple Frog Systems

“It’s a great chance for the students to explore tons of different career paths under one roof. A handful of students seemed really interested in the world of data and analytics, it was great to feel and share their excitement. ” shared Laura. 

Joe echoed Laura’s sentiment, highlighting the dynamic nature of a data career, and thought the day was “a huge success, that hopefully opened a few more career opportunities and experiences to students at Shrewsbury School”.

The students’ inquisitiveness was on full display, peppering Laura and Joe with questions about specific data applications and the skills needed to thrive in this exciting field. The Purple Frog Systems team witnessed firsthand the spark of passion for data ignited in many young minds, solidifying the belief that the future of data analytics is bright!