Today, the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) hosted a dynamic webinar titled “Debunking Apprenticeship Myths and Exploring Benefits for Businesses.” Hollie Whittles, our HR and InfoSec Director, served as the engaging host for the session.

Attend this session to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to hire an apprentice or up-skill your employees on apprenticeships.

The webinar aimed to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country by demystifying apprenticeships. Open to both FSB members and non-members, the session tackled the complexities often associated with apprenticeships, making them a more accessible option for businesses seeking to cultivate a skilled workforce.

Throughout the informative session, Hollie addressed key areas relevant to small businesses. She explored the various apprenticeship frameworks available, providing a clear understanding of the different levels (2-7) and their corresponding training requirements. By the webinar’s conclusion, attendees gained the knowledge and confidence needed to implement apprenticeship programs within their own organisations, unlocking the potential for enhanced productivity and growth.

The session proved to be a valuable resource for business owners seeking to invest in their future by fostering a skilled and qualified workforce through apprenticeships.