Last week, Laura embarked on an inspiring journey to Bristol to deliver a highly anticipated talk celebrating the first year of Microsoft Fabric. The event drew a diverse crowd of tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and community members eager to reflect on Fabric’s journey and future.

Laura’s presentation was an insightful look at the evolution of Fabric, from its Day 1 release to the latest developments following FabCon and Microsoft Build. Her engaging storytelling highlighted the challenges and triumphs experienced along the way, offering a unique blend of professional insights and personal anecdotes.

In a touching tribute to her dual role as a tech professional and a mother, Laura shared how her experiences in both realms have influenced her approach to working with Fabric. This resonated deeply with many in the audience, who appreciated the candid discussion on balancing career and family life.

Laura also provided an exciting preview of upcoming features in Fabric, sparking enthusiasm among attendees. She offered practical advice on how companies and teams can begin to adopt Fabric if they haven’t already, emphasising its potential to revolutionise workflows and enhance productivity.

Laura Bristol Talk

The event concluded with a lively Q&A session, where Laura addressed questions from the audience, further solidifying her status as a knowledgeable and relatable figure in the tech community.

As Fabric enters its second year, Laura’s talk at the Bristol user group serves as a testament to the platform’s impact and the vibrant community that supports its growth.

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