We are drawing near to the end of Microsoft Fabric trials! ⌛

With the countdown ending mid-June for many trial capacities, it is important that you take measures to protect any Microsoft Fabric resources you have. Microsoft have informed users that once the trial ends, the capacity will be converted to a Power BI Premium capacity where Fabric items can no longer be used or stored. From here, you will have a 7 day retention period before all Fabric items in the workspace will be permanently deleted!

But there is no need to panic! Here is what you can do to protect your resources, so that you don’t accidentally lose all of your hard work:

  • Check how long is left on your trial. This is found in the top corner of the Fabric homepage.

  • Purchase a Microsoft Fabric capacity to move your workspaces and resources over to. This can be done on the Azure portal in the Microsoft Fabric section. If you aren’t sure what size capacity you need, start off with a smaller capacity (like an F2) and scale up once you have made a decision. It is important to move your resources off of the trial before it ends. Here is the Microsoft guide for Fabric capacity subscriptions.

NOTE: The Microsoft Fabric capacity must be purchased in the same region that the trial capacity was created in.

  • Once you have a Microsoft Fabric capacity set up, you then want to go to the Workspace settings along the top of Fabric, below your account profile. To do this, you will need to be a Fabric admin.

  • From here, you want to go into the Premium settings, then select Fabric Capacity from the list. A box below will appear that allows you to pick which capacity you want to move the workspace, and all of its resources, into.

You will need to follow these steps for each of the workspaces that you have assigned to the trial capacity.


That should be everything you need to keep all of your resources safe. If you are unsure, it may be worth getting another admin to double check the settings point where you want them to.

If you have any questions, or want to chat about the best course of action for your Microsoft Fabric needs, then feel free to reach out to us!

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