Laura journeyed from Telford to Chester’s Bedrock Data, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Balancing Bytes and Babies: Thriving as a Young Parent in Tech

Laura’s talk, “Balancing Bytes and Babies: Thriving as a Young Parent in Tech,” resonated deeply as she shared personal experiences and practical strategies for navigating the challenges of being a young parent in the tech industry.

It was really great to be able to stand up and talk about my experiences as a young parent in tech. Becoming a parent at a young age, in my experience, was not something those around me celebrated, but I worked hard to fight the stereotypes and achieve my dreams for both me and my daughter. I hope that by telling my story, I can inspire those around me to see young parents in a new perspective and help them achieve what they are capable of!”

Laura-Jayne Adamson Talk at Bedrock Data

The presentation left attendees equipped and inspired, underscoring Laura’s commitment to empowering others in their respective fields.

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