Hollie found herself invigorated by the opportunity to engage in a substantive discussion with Secretary of State for Science, Innovation & Technology, Michelle Donelan, centered around enhancing AI proficiency within small businesses.

As a passionate advocate for technology integration and small business empowerment, Hollie delved into a rich dialogue on the intricacies of AI skill development. Together with Secretary Donelan, they explored the spectrum of challenges and opportunities inherent in fostering AI literacy among small enterprises, from identifying the requisite skills to overcoming adoption barriers.

Hollie Whittles standing in front of a camera crew

The conversation was not merely a forum for discourse but a crucible of ideas, where Hollie and Secretary Donelan synergised their insights to delineate actionable strategies for implementation.

The talk wasn’t just about sharing ideas; it was a melting pot of creativity where Hollie and Secretary Donelan worked together to come up with practical plans. They discussed different ways to help small businesses learn about AI, like through new policies, educational programs, and partnerships with industry. Hollie left the conversation feeling hopeful and excited about the shared goal of making a real difference.

She understood that improving AI skills isn’t just about helping individual businesses—it’s about creating a more inclusive and resilient economy for everyone.