Hollie, a seasoned professional in the world of business and Purple Frog Systems’ HR/InfoSec Director, embarked on an exciting journey as she took on the role of a judge for the prestigious Shropshire Chamber Business Awards on May 14, 2024. With her keen eye for detail and passion for recognising excellence, she dove into the task of evaluating the shortlisted candidates for the trailblazer category.

Shropshire Business Awards Trailblazers

Accompanied by fellow judges, Andrew Buchan and Michael Wright, Hollie set out on 14th May to visit the offices of four remarkable companies that had made it to the shortlist:

  1. Preloved Tech: Hollie was impressed by Preloved Tech’s innovative approach to refurbishing and repurposing technology products. Their commitment to sustainability and affordability resonated with her, and she admired their dedication to making a positive impact on both the environment and the community.
  2. Exascale UK: As Hollie stepped into the world of Exascale UK, she was struck by the company’s passion for pushing the boundaries of technology. Their cutting-edge solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction left a lasting impression on her, and she could see why they were considered leaders in their field.
  3. CEL Group: Hollie was inspired by CEL Group’s dedication to excellence in every aspect of their business. From their strong leadership to their focus on employee development and community engagement, she could sense the company’s genuine commitment to making a difference in the world of manufacturing.
  4. Stallion AI: The visit to Stallion AI left Hollie in awe of the company’s expertise and passion for animal reproduction. Their pioneering work in equine and canine breeding showcased their dedication to advancing the field and providing valuable services to breeders worldwide.

As she reflected on her visits, Hollie felt privileged to have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible work being done by these outstanding companies. Each visit had provided valuable insights into the diverse ways in which businesses in Shropshire were driving innovation, creating impact, and contributing to the local economy.

As the judging process continued, Hollie, Andrew, and Michael knew that the task ahead would be challenging, but they were confident that they would carefully consider each candidate’s merits and select deserving winners for the Shropshire Chamber Business Awards. With their passion for celebrating excellence and their commitment to promoting business success, they looked forward to playing their part in recognising and honouring the achievements of Shropshire’s finest businesses!

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