Last week, Purple Frog Systems – Hollie and Laura – shared their insights on career pathways and essential skills in today’s ever-changing job market. The sessions were not only informative but also deeply inspiring, leaving a lasting impression on all college students who attended.

Hollie and Laura Outside Telford College representing Purple Frog Systems.

Hollie and Laura kicked off the event with an exploration of careers in their industry, emphasising the importance of adaptable skills applicable across various sectors. Their expertise illuminated the evolving landscape of professions, highlighting the need for continuous learning and creativity to thrive in the modern workplace.

Following this, the duo delved into practical advice on enhancing LinkedIn profiles and crafting compelling CVs. Hollie’s expertise in this area shone through as she provided valuable tips and strategies for effectively showcasing one’s strengths and experiences to potential employers.

A standout moment of the event was Laura’s personal career journey, which she shared with authenticity and passion. Her story of seizing opportunities and proactively pursuing her goals resonated deeply with the audience. Laura’s bold move of seeking a job opportunity during a company visit to her university served as a powerful example of the impact of initiative and determination in shaping one’s professional path.

We hope the students left feeling empowered and motivated to pursue their career aspirations with renewed vigor.

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