At DataGrillen, Alex and Nick didn’t just dip their toes—they made a splash!

On behalf of Power BI Sentinel Alex and Nick hopped over to DataGrillen. For those who are unaware what Data Grillen is, it’s a place to Meet colleagues and (new) friends at the best data platform BBQ (yes, barbeque) in the world. The old saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know” has never been truer at this community-led conference. 

Picture this: the ultimate BBQ for data enthusiasts. It’s where you meet new pals and catch up with old ones, all while chowing down on some seriously good eats.

Alex Session at DataGrillen2024

Introduction to Microsoft Fabric – the Future of Power BI and Synapse?

Alex took center stage on Friday with his talk titled ‘Introduction to Microsoft Fabric – the Future of Power BI and Synapse?’ He made sense of the mysterious Microsoft Fabric, explaining why it’s the bee’s knees for Power BI and Synapse. Imagine a roadmap to understanding Fabric’s ins and outs, from architecture to its role in data projects. Talk about an eye-opener!

As Grillrost / Gold Sponsors, Power BI Sentinel brought the swag game strong. From collectible stickers to handy mouse mats, we had it all. And let’s not forget the BBQ banter and beers—perfect for sparking conversations and reconnecting with current customers face-to-face.

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