SQLBits 2024, the world’s largest data platform conference, is just around the corner held in Farnborough, London at the end of March, and the anticipation is building as the Purple Frog Team gears up to deliver a lineup of insightful and innovative sessions. Last month, the team received confirmation on their submitted sessions, and the offerings are nothing short of intriguing. Whether you’ll be joining in person at Farnborough or virtually, get ready for a knowledge-packed experience in March 2024!

Here are the sessions from the Purple Frog team that you can catch at SQLBits (Aviation themed!)

Decorative SQLBits 2024 Picture

Hollie – Put Your Own Mask On First: Mental Health and Wellbeing for Your Business & Would Your Business Pass Pre-Flight Information Security Checks?

Purple Frog Systems CEO, HR & Infosec Director, Hollie, an award-winning TEDx speaker and author. She loves to talk about all things digital and will be discussing in her session ‘Put Your Own Mask On First: Mental Health and Wellbeing for Your Business‘ that the Mental health and well-being of employees are vital for any successful business. She will cover what could you put in place inside your business and why it’s important to put your mask on first and look after your health and well-being!

Additionally, Hollie will delve into the crucial topic of information security with “Would Your Business Pass Pre-Flight Information Security Checks?”. Be sure to buckle up as she explores the vital elements businesses need to have in place to ensure they’re securely soaring through the digital skies. Both must-attends at SQLBits 2024 in our opinion!


Lewis – Fast and Efficient Text Analysis using Azure’s Language Cognitive Service

As data becomes increasingly text-heavy, the ability to analyze and extract insights from textual information is a game-changer. Lewis steps into the spotlight to showcase “Fast and Efficient Text Analysis using Azure’s Language Cognitive Service.” Join him on a fast-paced Azure Cognitive Services Language Studio tour, exploring powerful tools like Keyword Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, and Opinion Mining. Using Python on Customer review data, we’ll demonstrate how to leverage Language Studio APIs and feed the insights into a dynamic Power BI report. Unleash the potential of extracting valuable data from text with ease!


Annabel – Boosting Your Blog’s Visibility: Strategies to Drive More Traffic and Engagement & The Critical Role of Creativity in Technical Professions

In a digital landscape where content is king, Annabel brings her expertise to the forefront with “Boosting Your Blog’s Visibility.” Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting, this session promises actionable strategies to enhance your blog’s reach, drive more traffic, and increase engagement. Get ready to elevate your online presence and make a lasting impact in the blogosphere, followed up with ‘The Critical Role of Creativity in Technical Professions’ which will highlight why being creative is important alongside some tools to help you do so every day.


As SQLBits 2024 approaches, mark your calendars for these enlightening sessions from the Purple Frog Team. Whether you’re seeking insights into mental health, information security, text analysis, blog visibility, or the intersection of creativity and technology, the team has you covered. Get ready for a journey of learning, discovery, and inspiration at SQLBits in March 2024