In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital industry, mentorship and guidance play a pivotal role in shaping the future of budding professionals. Hollie Whittles, the Information Security & HR Director at Purple Frog Systems, and Junior Data Engineer, Laura Adamson, recently took on the role of torchbearers as they shared their valuable insights with Telford College’s Step into Digital students, or should we say…coders!

These students, currently immersed in a 6-week introduction to coding, were treated to an engaging talk that provided unique perspectives on what it’s like to work in the digital industry, as seen through the eyes of our professionals at Purple Frog. The session was not merely a lecture but a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experience, aiming to inspire and guide the next generation of digital enthusiasts👨‍💻

Hollie shared that the knowledge she has gained in her role at Purple Frog Systems reflects the intersection of technology and human resources, showcasing the diverse opportunities within the digital space. As the Information Security & HR Director, Hollie emphasised the importance of not just coding skills but also the broader skill set required to thrive in the digital workplace.

Joining Hollie was Laura, our Junior Data Engineer. Laura, being closer to the beginning of her professional journey, provided a fresh and relatable perspective for the aspiring coders. Her insights into the day-to-day life of someone who worked day in and out with data, the challenges faced, and the excitement of working on real-world projects added a layer of authenticity to the conversation.

Laura and Hollie at Telford College with their staff and student coders

Thank you for inviting us, Telford college!

The students were not just passive recipients of information; they actively engaged with Hollie and Laura, asking questions and seeking advice. The interactive nature of the session allowed for a meaningful exchange of ideas, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and motivation.

As the students continue their coding journey, Purple Frog Systems remains dedicated to supporting and guiding them, laying the foundation for a future where innovation knows no bounds. The collaboration between industry professionals and aspiring coders is not just an exchange of information—it’s a bridge connecting the present to a future where possibilities in the digital realm are limitless🚀